Blitzkrieg over Stockholm 7”



Photo taked from the web

Type of vinyl: 7 inch, overstock of ‘Thunder and lightning’ 7 inch


Country/year: Probably Sweden, last year (2006)


Company: Unknown


Live/demo: Live at Goda lejon Stockholm, Sweden, 12 dec 1984


Matrix: MET-001-A-7-4 (same as ‘Thunder and lightning’ 7 inch)


Sound quality: +


Track list: A. Seek And Destroy

                  B. Blitzkrieg



Colour vinyl




Mission records






Notes: A new 7 inch. Overstock of Thunder and lightning 7 inch. This is a lim edition of 100 copies numbered…, but maybe there are low copies pressed, and probably is not an ‘original’ overstock (because it’s very new instead the  ‘Thunder and lightning’ vinyl). Photo of the label ava. on the ‘Back in the saddle again’ page. Thanks to ’metalfrog’ for the info.


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