There are a lot of pirates copy, or counterfeit copy, of the officials issue. There are not listed in the bootleg vinyls index because there are not collectable like the “true” boots and definitive there aren’t boots! There are simply a pirate copy of the official issue, made for sell it like an official record…, but isn’t.

So, for me, there are not official and not bootleg.


Look at Hector website for the complete description of each counterfeit copy of each vinyl and cd. The pics on this page are take from Hector site or by myself, except ‘Seek and destroy’ take from Samuel site.


In this page I have showed the more famous counterfeit vinyl and some strange vinyl…, that are not officials, but also not boots…, for me are just fake! (but everyone can have a different idea about that!)

Jump in the fire

Music for nations (fake), England (fake), unknown year, fake red test press copy



Counterfeit test press of the red jump in the fire edition, with hand written "test press" labels, probably made in Germany 1992

The red vinyl is too dark instead the original red issue

Fake copy matrix missing the word "timtom"



Ride the lightning

Bernett (fake) green picture disc, with ‘Promotional copy’ write on back





Ride the lightning

Bernett (fake), France 2005, pirate copy on coloured vinyl



First appeared in feb 2005, available on clear, clear w/ blue streaks, clear w/ green streaks or pink vinyl;

in october dark blue and dark green vinyl copies appeared



Fade to black

Elektra (fake), Glow in the dark counterfeit copy



Fake                                                                                 Original


This bootleg version came from Germany in the early ‘90, most copies do not have a sticker;
the vinyl is available on green/marble or blue/marble colour.



Seek and Destroy

Clear vinyl, fake testpress, home made



Appeared on ebay as testpress of the ‘Jump in the fire’ picture disc, it’s an home made clear vinyl

without label with the song ‘Seek and destroy’ on both side.



Master of puppets 7”

New electric way/music for nations (fake), 1992, counterfeit copy of the original issue (1986)



Fake                                                                              Original


Label has reads "MUSICDISC" (fake) not "MUSIDISC" (original)

Fake copy matrix: MIL - 11575 - A / MIL - 11575 – B

Original issue matrix: MPO - MU - 11575 - A / MPO - MU - 11575 – B



...and justice for all

Metallipromo, 12", unnumbered bootleg copy



Fake                                                                        Original


No number and bootleg copies have the matrix number roughly scratched into the vinyl

Some copies have also plain white label



Eye of the beholder

Phonogram/vertigo (fake), 12” UK promo counterfeit copy


Original on the back, fake on front


Counterfeit copies have the matrix number roughly scratched into the vinyl

The fake front cover design its more cut instead the original, and the metallica logo go out of the front cover border (in the fake copy)



Load Dragonflayer

Double promo picture disc, unknown company, made in 200 promotional copies for the album Load




A strange item. Double picture disc with the sides B miss pressed (or better: voluntary miss pressed): disc 1 with the front of ‘No remorse picture disc’ on it,

and disc 2 with the front cover of the ‘Cannibal corpse’ album ’15 year killing spree. Sure a bootleg…, also not so bad…, pity that

was made for a fake promotion to the ‘Load’ album.



Metallica ‘Black album’

Vertigo (fake), Japan (fake), 1998, a fake Japan promo picture disc for the ‘Black album’




This picture disc goes a lot of time on ebay…, also for a lot of money!

Definitive it’s a bootleg, or better: a fake Japan promo picture disc made probably in Germany

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