American Bad-asses





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Diff cover, collection of Dante

Type of vinyl: 7”


Country/year: Unknown, 2002


Company: Boneless records


Live/demo: Live at Solnahallen, Sweden, 26 sept 1986


Matrix: 107062 /3


Sound quality: +


Track list: A. Bass Solo, Whiplash

                  B. Fade To Black



Colour vinyl

Multicoloured, clear,…

Clear Blue


Alien A/B

Alien A/B









Notes: The first 100 copies on various colour vinyl have a colour cover, numbered, as the others 900 copies with clear blue vinyl have a black and white cover, also numbered. The first copies are a good collectable…., the others nothing special. Not bad the “gig” inside…, Cliff Burton R.I.P.. Also available with different cover, probably a later press.



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