Acting like a maniac

Alcoholica (overstock)

American bad-asses 7”

Am i evil?

An album for all

…and justice for all live

Angels from hell

Appetite for destruction


Atomica melancholica (overstock)


Back In The Saddle Again + Thunder and Lightning 7”

Bay Area Trashers

Bang a gong

Bang thy head 7”

Bataclan, Boule Noir, Trabendo SET

Blitzkrieg over Stockholm 7”

British Assault

Burrn !


Calling All Destroyers

Carnage In The Arena

Caught In The Act

Cee Four (Original)

Cee Four (Reissue)

Charlotte (Original) aka Jonesco

Charlotte (Reissue)

Cleveland '83

Cleveland ’84 (insert) (overstock)

Cliff 'Em All aka Live

Cliff 'Em All (insert) (overstock)

Cliff 'Em All 

Creeping Death

Creeping Death (insert) (overstock)

Creeping Life


Damaged In Belgium Set

Damaged Justice Tour '89 Box (Original)

Damaged Justice Tour '89 (Reissue)

Damage Inc. Tour 89

Damaged Justice '88 - '89

Damage Inc.

Damage Inc. The Metallilive


Death Mission

Demonic Invocation

Demontage (overstock)

Disposible Heroes

Dying Time Is Here 7”


Eye Of The Beholder

European Tour '90

Evil Never Dies


Final Strike Last Attack

Flintstones & Jetsons (1° issue)

Flintstones & Jetsons (2° issue)

For Metallians Only (Original)

For Metallians Only (Reissue)

For Whom The Bell Tolls/Damage Inc. 7”

Four Horsemen In Brooklyn

Four Horsemen

Frankfurt '84

Fucking Nuts

Fuck in Peoria


Garage Days Revisited

Garage Daze (Metal Militia)

Goodbye Cliff, R.I.P (overstock)

Greatest Hits


Heavy Thoughts Tonight

Horsemen Of The Apokalypse

Hungarian Rock


Years of Sorrow (Live in England) (overstock)

Years of Sorrow (Live in Germany) (overstock)

You're Gonna Like It Fuckers


I Hope You Mother Fuckers Die Soon (overstock)

In Vertigo You Will Be (England '90)

In Vertigo You Will Be (Germany '90)

Interview (Baktabak)

Interview (Aardshok festival)

Interview (Rock Sagas)

Interview (4x 7inch Set)

Interview (Tell Tales)

Interview (The End Of The World As We Know It)

Interview (With Metallica)

Interview (Pork 1)

Interview (Stand Up And Shout)

Interview (James Nude 10”)


Justice For Adelaide

Justicia Falls 7” (overstock)


Killing Time / Let It Loose 

Killing Time / Let It Loose  7” (reissue)


Leper Messiah 

Let God Sort 'Em Out

Let There Be Rock (overstock)

Le Zenith

Live ' N ' Heavy (Original) 

Live ' N ' Heavy (Reissue) 

Live Before Death

Live (Brasil '93)

...Live For All

Live In Budapest (aka Fucking Metallica)

Live In Buenos Aires

Live in Concert (overstock)

Live in Philadelphia

Llik 'Em All (overstock)

Live Shit: Binge & Purge

Live the early days


Made in Obervolta (overstock)

Main Event Promo 7”

Marquee Madness

Masters Of Evil

Masters Of Metal Vol. 1 & 2 (overstock)

Maximus Metallus

Metallica (fantasy women insert cover) (overstock)

Metallica (Zwolle, Holland '84) (overstock)

Metallica (London '82 - '84)

Metallica (Musichien)


Metallikiss 7”

Metal Mash (purple insert) (overstock)

Metal Mash (red insert) (overstock)

Metal massacre at Wembley

Metal Militia

Metal Militia / The Prince 

Metal Monster (overstock)

Metal Up Your Ass

Metal Up Your Ass (demo)

Metal Up Your Ass 

Minneapolis 860528 

Molten Rock

Monsters Of Rock ‘86

Monster Of Rock ‘91



Nasty Boyz (overstock)

No Life 'Til Power

No Remorse

Nuclear Blast Live ‘88 (overstock)


Old Shit

One For You (overstock)

On Tour (overstock)


Phantom Lord

Plug Out And Play

Precious Metal

Public Execution


Roaming In Italy


Sad But True (overstock)


Seek and destroy BOX

Sneak Attack

Speed Metal Gods Vol. 1 & 2

Stein Kolt Verrόckt ! 

Stone Balloon

Supercharged (overstock)



Terror Incognito

Terror of death (overstock)

Teutonicus Furor

Time For Some Fucking Danish Beer

The Devil, Shaved Soap And Gasoline

The Explosive Power Of Metallica (overstock)

The Final Gig

The Flight Of A Bee (overstock)

The Freaks Not Here

The Garage Remains The Same

The Gig That Should Not Be?

The Good The Bad And The Live

The Hammer Hits Hungary

The legendary garage tapes

The Lemmy's

The Hexenhammer

The Metal Years (overstock)

The Metal Masters

The Monster at the Meadowlands (Orig.) 

The Monster at the Meadowlands (Reis.) 

The Pigs Are Alright

The Unstoppable Force

The Warriors

Twin City Holochaust 


Up Shot (Original)

Up shot (Reissue)


Weed Killer And Sugar

Weed Killer (insert) (overstock)

We'll Nail You Down

Welcome Back!

Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Wembley Box ‘92

We are not metallica 10”

Wherever We May Roam Tour

Wherever We May Roam Tour 91/92


World Tour '93



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