Cliff ‘em all (aka Live)




METALLICA, live LP (Cliff em all)   RARE   LOOOOK!!

Type of vinyl: Lp


Country/year: Brasil, 1992


Company: Unknown


Live/demo: Various live 1983/’86 taken from the official video ‘Cliff ‘em all’:

                    Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (? 1986), No Remorse (Illinois 12 aug 1983), For Whom The Bell Tolls      

                    (Oakland 31 aug 1985), Fade To Black (Germany 14 sept 1985), The Four Horsemen (Germany 14

                    sept  1985)


Matrix: 8008 (white label w/logo);    2020 (black label w/logo)


Sound quality: -


Track list: A. Welcome Home (Sanitarium), Bass Solo, No Remorse

                  B. For Whom The Bell Tolls, Fade To Black, The Four Horsemen



Colour vinyl




White w/logo

Black w/logo








Notes: This bootleg was named also simply ‘Live’…, because it’s the only write later the metallica logo on cover. We can also name it ‘Cliff ‘em all’ because it’s the bootleg lp taken from this video. Make attention to not mistake it with the green insert or the 7 inch. You can find it with a white label with logo ‘Metallica’ in black (probably 1° press), or a black label with the white logo ‘Metallica’ on it (probably 2° press). Also available a plain white label version (but probably it’s the black label edition, that the label was peeled off).

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