Metallica (London ’82–’84)





Type of vinyl: 2 Lp


Country/year: Germany, 1988


Company: Charly’s Records


Live/demo: Live at Lyceum, London, England, 20 dic 1984 (Vinyl 1)

                    Live at Wolfgang's San Francisco, USA , 29 nov 1982 (Vinyl 2)


Matrix: MET -


Sound quality: + -


Track list: A. Phantom Lord, The Four Horsemen, Bass Solo, For Whom The Bell Tolls, No Remorse

                  B. Seek & Destroy, Whiplash, Creeping Death, Guitar Solo, Metal Militia

                  C. Hit The Lights, The Mechanix, Phantom Lord, Jump In The Fire, Motorbreath, No Remorse

                  D. Seek And Destroy, Whiplash, Am I Evil?, Metal Militia



Colour vinyl




SGt. D (black & white)

SGt. D colour / Skyline



Value (EU)         (min/max)


Notes: Easy to find bootleg.


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