Years of sorrow (Germany ’88)






Photos available on ‘Years of sorrow (England ’88)


Type of vinyl: Lp, insert cover, overstock of ‘Appetite of destruction’, only the 1° vinyl


Country/year: Holland, 1993


Company: Rubber duck production


Live/demo: Live at Sporthalle, Cologne, Germany, 26 oct 1988


Matrix: RDP 013 (original matrix, M 905, deleted)


Sound quality: + -


Track list: A. Blackened, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Welcome Home (Sanitarium), The Four Horsemen, Harvester Of 


                 B. Eye Of The Beholder, Bass Solo, Master Of Puppets, One


Colour vinyl



Roxy records



Value (EU)         (min/max)


Notes: The overstock of ‘Appetite of destruction’,  the first vinyl only. Was limited to 25 copies only in black colour vinyl. Do not mistake with the other ‘Years of sorrow’ insert, live in Bradford, overstock of ‘Bang a gong’, 100 copies in coloured vinyl. It’s always an overstock, so it’s your choice to spend a lot of money for this lp.


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