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Type of vinyl: set w/ 3lp and double cdr


Country/year: Unknown, 2006


Company: Unknown


Live/demo: Live at Harry o ‘s, Park City, Utah, USA, 25 jan 2006




Sound quality: +


Track list:  A. Creeping Death, For Whom The Bell Tolls

                  B. Wherever I May Roam, Fuel

                  C. Welcome Home (Sanitarium), Sad But True

                  D. Fade To Black, Master Of Puppets

                  E. One, Enter Sandman

                  F. Last Caress, Battery, Seek And Destroy



Colour vinyl



Logo, track list



Value (EU)         (min/max)


Notes: This is the most young boots by now (oct 2006), made in 2006. Only 10 copies numbered. On ebay was also sell for 246 euro. Personally I look nothing special on it…, maybe in 15 years we can come back about this set, and we can spend also 300 euro for that one…, but not now (that’s always my personal opinion)


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