Final strike, last attack!





Type of vinyl: Picture disc


Country/year: Probably USA, later than 1993


Company: Savage gladiator records


Live/demo: Live at Lyceum, London, England, 20 dic 1984


Matrix: 004


Sound quality: +


Track list: A. The Four Horsemen, Bass Solo, For Whom The Bell Tolls, No Remorse

                  B. Seek & Destroy, Whiplash, Creeping Death, Guitar Solo, Metal Militia



Colour vinyl

Picture disc







Value (EU)         (min/max)



Notes: A very great art cover. The gig inside it’s the same of ‘Four horsemen in Brooklyn’, ‘Teutonicus furor’, ‘British assault’. On the back cover you can read ‘Live in Miami ’88’…, but is not true.


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