Speed metal gods vol. I & vol. II





Type of vinyl: 2 Lp, in single cover


Country/year: Germany, 1985


Company: Unknown


Live/demo: Live at the Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany, 9 dic 1984


Matrix: E1, E2 (disc I) B1, B2 (disc II)


Sound quality: + -


Track list: I. A. Intro, Fight Fire With Fire, Ride The Lightning, Phantom Lord

†††††††††††††††† I. B. The Four Horsemen, Bass Solo, For Whom The Bell Tolls, No Remorse, The Call Of Ktulu

†††††††††††††††† II. A. Seek & Destroy, Whiplash

††††††††† †††††††II. B. Creeping Death, Metal Militia


Colour vinyl



1 / 2



Value (EU)†††††††† (min/max)


Notes: This is the best metallica collectable vinyl boots ever made, the dream of all the boots collectors, the more valuable boots vinyl. Itís numbered to only 100 copies (some copies numbered, some other not), made in 1985. A relic.

By now itís absolute hard to find, and when you find a copy on the web goes for a lot of cash (on ebay í06 sell for over 1500 euro, on musicstack í05 over 2200$). Always sale or buy it both copies, never only one volume! I know a man that have only the vol.IÖ, impossible to find the vol.II (thatís true for every records!). So if you find this item simply you must buy it!

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